Love Letters Multi-Pack

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Have you ever felt led to give someone an encouraging word, but you were afraid to speak out?

Are you better at writing than speaking?

Or maybe you've wanted to pray for someone, but they were at work and couldn't step away?

Use these "LOVE LETTERS" to help you get the words out!

The front design is symbolic of the days of writing letters with the vintage, yet colorful, typewriters on the front, the message on the "typed" paper is clear, these letters are of love. (Your recipient can find a few other words hidden in the word search as well!)

The back of the card has a partial sentence to help you get started with your encouraging word and the rest is blank for you to complete it as the Lord leads you.

NEED IDEAS? You can use these for your neighbors, servers at a restaurant, friends, church members, someone at the grocery store, gas station clerk, postal worker, as birthday or graduation cards, etc.

The possibilities to use these are endless, especially when you invite your kids to participate and you find that they want to encourage more people than you think! *They can also use the space on the back for drawing what they may not be able to communicate in words.*

Be open to letting God lead you in who, what, when, and how He wants to use you to deliver life and hope to those around you.

Each card measures 5" x 7" and comes with a plain white envelope.