T-Shirts. We love them. They share our style, our favorite artists, our secret (but not so secret) thoughts, favorite quotes, and our beliefs.
When you see someone with a picture or words on their shirt what do you do?
You look at it.  You read it.
Sometimes it resonates so much that you literally LOL or engage with the person because of it.
I bet you’ve also had times where you’ve thought about the shirt after walking away, right?
Whether to share the laugh with someone later or because the words keep running through your mind...
But let's be real here, can we? Our shirts are usually focused on US, the wearer, right? Sure. We buy shirts because they resonate with us. It lets the world know who we are and what we think about ourselves. 
Now as believers, when we wear our Christian shirts with pride and let the world know that we’re a child of God, that’s good and it’s true, but what does that do to or for the person reading it?
As followers of Christ, our role is to point others to the love of Christ and the heart of our Father God, so why not wear shirts that are less “Me” focused, but instead focused on the person reading it?
That’s the heartbeat of His Love Leads. 
These products will help people speak life and truth into their own lives simply by reading the message and inviting an encounter with God.
Are you ready to shift the atmosphere in the room and the culture of Christian clothing?
Then let His Love Lead.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, but so is the person across from you. Let them know it!